• Simplicity defeats Fraud
  • Simplicity = Stability
  • Simplicity Rediscovered!
    Obscure and Complex cyber products are filled with hidden cracks hackers exploit
    BitMint is different.
    We establish Digital Money and Cyber Security on mathematics so simple, that ordinary users can readily understand.
    We use algorithms so plain, hackers cannot hide in their intricacies.

    If you -- as a trader - hinge your digital coin on windy assurances given by obscure cryptographers, then you become vulnerable to a hacker who turns out to be a smarter mathematician than the one you relied upon.

    If your cyber security depends on algorithms that are so complex that you must believe someone that they work, then you expose yourself to attackers who do not believe that someone.

    Simplicity to the point that you, the stakeholder, understand the bottom details -- actually or potentially -- that is the security you should trust.

    Digital money, minted in a process so clear that you understand it without having to trust a third person -- is the digital money you should be holding in your pocket.

    If you are not curious to the point of talking to us, then you haven't yet gone through the frustration and headache of trying to understand your digital complexity better than your attacker does. Eventually you will bump against a hacker that will negotiate your defensive complexity better than you do.

    At which time, we will have our first talk

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