Bitcoin was tweaked and modified countless times; some 2000 coins follow the Bitcoin Legacy of algorithmic singularity (if it fails the currency collapses). Curing this risk, one establishes a protocol based on algorithmic plurality that keeps evolving.

Inspired by Darwinian evolution a BitMint*LeVeL coin thrives on mathematical mutations, keeping it ahead of its predators. The more it trades, the stronger its security.

Even more remarkable is the fact that BitMint*LeVeL can be used with both centralized currency (legacy money) and decentralized currency (e.g. Bitcoin). The LeVeL protocol detects counterfeits and prevents double spending of the underlying entity of community value, be it the US Dollar, or be it Bitcoin.

BitMint*LeVeL is adaptable to connectivity failures, IOT payment, and cross-border transactions.

Compliant with the Innovation Solution Protocol