BitMint: Minting the Bits that make cyberspace habitable

Money, Security, Privacy

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Claim Your Privacy, Move around with Safety and Security. Buy, Sell, Pay, Get Paid -- Thrive: Cyber World is the New World. Enjoy its Promise. BitMint is dedicated to that purpose.

We are rolling: we offer BitWise money, to Pay-As-You-Go, pay-as-convenient, pay-secure. We are building the Rock of Randomness that keeps your data treasure outside the digital territory where hackers roam (safely tucked in smart macromolecules). We can fingerprint your data, so a thief who steals your private data cannot make use of it to steal your identity.

BitMint secure non-speculative digital money is the perfect vehicle to transmit millions of dollars, on a global scope, or fractions of a cent for a micro Internet-of-Things service. BitMint cyber-suite includes the pioneering ciphers of the new cryptography: exploiting quantum-mechanical randomness: BitMap and BitFlip. It includes unclonable merchandise, marked with letters of the Entropic Alphabet. And when two strangers meet, they can establish a secure private channel (BitMeet).

BitMint is your Cyberspace Corner Store, Check our Showroom (under construction).