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"We identified BitMint as the only candidate qualifying as a universal digital representation of worldwide currencies." Helmut Scherzer Giesecke & Devrient Prinzregentenstr. 159 D-81677 Munich

"It is Bigger than Facebook!"Dr. Karsten Ottenberg, Chairman of the Board of Management at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Seven plus billion people roam the planet. They look differently, believe differently, wish for different things, don't speak each other language, but they are all held together in quite remarkable unity, owing to the flow, the possession, and the wide-spread distribution of what may qualify as the most remarkable human invention: Money.

As maligned as money has become, listening to many social critics, as unbalanced its distribution, as indeed it is, money is nonetheless the common denominator, the underlying common language, the blood flow of the body of humanity.

And now technology gifts us the remarkable opportunity to make this invention, money, into a much better, much more powerful means for cooperation, association, prosperity and peace. That is because money just escaped the cocoon of material existence and transcended to information abstraction. Promising and frightful at the same time. We at BitMint are dedicated to alleviate the risk, and promote the opportunity. We do so by offering the BitMint payment platform, the BitMint security platform, the BitMint digitization solution -- so simple, so powerful, so secure!