Randomness-Rich Ciphers

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All cryptographic tools are fueled up by randomness, mostly low-grade (algorithmic) randomness, which was the order of the day for decades. High-quality randomness was not readily available. Very recently the crypto-eco system changed. Cryptography became an international 'game' of national survival. Our entire civil order hinges on the integrity of the cryptographic foundation of our communication and digital banking. This foundation is strategically threatened by (i) advanced math, and by (ii) the emergence of quantum computing. Quantum computers are poised to destroy the full range of cryptographic primitives that underlie life in cyberspace. The old guard is responding by devising ever more complex algorithms. It's a strategic drive with unclear prospects. What else is there? There is! A second strategic match for the double threat of "math-attack" and quantum computing is high-quality randomness, richly applied. And the time is right. High-grade randomness is now readily available; Moore's law over the cost of storing and communicating randomness has been in effect -- these cost figures are very appealing and getting more so. What is needed is the simple realization that modern cryptography is due for a new strategic option. The security projected by ever more complex algorithms may not be enough. It would be irresponsible not to deploy the rich-randomness strategic security boost.

When we get down to it, we find many pleasant surprises. Randomness-Rich ciphers turn out to have features and offer capabilities that are totally missing from the old guard.

The BitMint randomness-rich cipher suite of products includes:

  • BitFlip: Parallel Cryptography

    A super polyalphabet cipher that encrypts several messages in parallel with steganographic properties.

  • BitMap: Geometric Cryptography

    A cipher based on the fact that a journey on a map can be described either by its stepping stones, or by the pathways between these stones, the translation from one to the other requires possession of the map.

  • BitMix: Ultimate Transposition Cipher

    Unleashing the power of raw transposition where n items may be ordered in n! ways.

  • BitMeet: Spontaneous Privacy

    An non-algorithmic alternative to Diffie-Hellman and RSA, allowing two online strangers to establish a private communication channel.