Ya'acov and Sons BitMint, the vision, the technology, the plan -- has been evolving since 2008 when the underlying patent was filed. It has been a labor of love and excitement for the two brothers, Gideon and Amnon -- seasoned Israeli engineers who were raised by their engineer father, Ya'acov, to follow his footsteps, and commit to bold, pioneering plans to make a lasting positive impact.
Today, Amnon is the Chief Executive Officer, and Gideon is the Chief Technology Officer for the BitMint enterprise, with offices in Tel-Aviv and Washington D.C.


Amnon Samid, CEO * Amnon@BitMint.com * +972-54-4200-400

Gideon Samid, CTO * Gideon@BitMint.com * +972-54-7400-200 * +1-571-214-9814

BitMint, 15 Ben Yehuda street, Sderot 870541, Israel

BitMint, P.O.Box 1022, McLean VA 22101, USA


The impact, the applications, and the technology are further elaborated on in the following publications .