Ya'acov and Sons BitMint is a long term enterprise based on the idea that exchange of value is the "blood flow" of society, and now we have the technology to make society incredibly more robust, efficient, and equitable, expressing money -- value - in a perfect abstraction, where storage, flow, accountability, stability, versatility, and deployability are in perfect pitch. We see bitcoin and blockchain as a stepping stone, and we set up the stones of the future, imagining the target state where money will be a background friction-less flow allowing people to focus on more rewarding matters. We go there step by step, avoiding distractions and side channels. We are looking to partner with and hire like minded visionaries.


Amnon Samid, CEO * Amnon@BitMint.com * +972-54-4200-400

Gideon Samid, CTO * Gideon@BitMint.com * +972-54-7400-200 * +1-571-214-9814

BitMint, 15 Ben Yehuda street, Sderot 870541, Israel

BitMint, P.O.Box 1022, McLean VA 22101, USA


The impact, the applications, and the technology are further elaborated on in the following publications .