BitMintPS: BitMint Personal Security Feature

BitMint announces its BitMintPS personal security initiative to allow any one to use BitMint digital money tethered to himself or herself. If BitMint Tethered Money is lost or stolen, the owner will notify BitMint which will promptly void the lost or stolen digital money, and download into the owner's phone a new digital coin, at par value. The new coin will also be tethered to its rightful owner. No one else would be able to use it.
This BitMintPS feature will render one's phone into a 'safe box' and a bank: any digital money paid to the phone owner can be submitted to BitMint for tethering -- even very large sums, and conversely, the owner will be able to release any amount of his tethered money for payment to others.

Release date: not yet announced.

InterMint BlockChain.