Below is an overview of a current BitMint project carried out in Germany.

The BitMint initiative is now in its third phase: designing the platform, the protocols, the implementation steps towards a world where money is digital, and payment is materialized by passing off bits. We have built experimental currency laboratories where we try and test our platform and protocols.

Our main thrust is in establishing a broad foundation of ground floor expertise for our mission. So the first order of business for us is to engage stakeholders, learn from them, and present to them. We engage on a consulting basis, on a partnership basis, or in between.

BitMint uses its accumulated insight, its testing laboratory, and experimental expertise as a basis for consulting services to central banks, commercial banks, merchant chains and others who aim to build a digital payment capability on a national scale, or on a limited outreach.

BitMint offers its technology to express the digital coin payload, which is an advantage to any money trading system, regardless of platform or protocol. This service is based on the idea that the payload component of a digital coin can be built independently form the "capsule" where this payload is placed.

BitMint performs stress tests, and security evaluations on any digital money system, of any scale.

BitMint contracts for a 'turn-key' project in which we build for our clients a ready-to-use digital money trading system.

BitMint participates in new implementations of robotics, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things, where its Money of ThingsTM provides the payment substructure.

BitMint advises law enforcement authorities on how to spot abusers of this new technology, who use crypto trade to build a criminal underground economy, and who criminally exploit entrenched privacy options in various trading ecosystem.

BitMint is active on the literary front. You can buy our books directly from us. We participate in conferences and seminars. We offer effective concise workshops on the various aspects of digital money. Professor Gideon Samid (Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Case Western Reserve University) offers academically credentialed courses.

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