Gearing Up to Defeat the National Plague of Massive Identity Theft: Help for those whose personal data has been compromised

Creative Cryptography, Newly Designed Protocols, Viral Collaboration

You are looking at the starters team of the Cyber Passport Initiative: a solution for massive identity theft based on (i) digital identity passport which is not stored in the banks and merchants where we bank and shop. Those banks and merchants will use a "Cyber Passport Verification Code" to check up identity. If hackers break into a merchant or bank, they don't harvest a massive file of cyber passport code simply because such a file does not exist there! (ii) Second, the cyber passport is short-lived, and must be periodically renewed so that even if stolen from someone's phone, the damage is time limited. (iii) The cyber passport is replaceable upon demand, so on any suspicion you order a fresh one, (iii) The cyber passport is completely voluntary, but while in the program you will need to use it (automatically via your phone) each time you access a participating establishment. Past victims of identity theft (7% of US adult population become victims every year!) will immediately stop the abuse of their compromised data, when they sign in.

Cyber Passport is well protected against the "Man-in-the-Middle" attack, it fends off smarter hackers by an extensive use of non-algorithmic randomness, and It is set for viral growth from humble beginnings to national wide cyber passport protection. The Cyber Passport concept was presented in the June and in the July issues of Digital Transactions Magazine, and it is detailed in the International Conference of Security and Management, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 26th, 2016).

The Cyber Passport Initiative takes off under the corporate framework of BitMint, LLC and is planned to spin off as a dedicated enterprise.


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