US Mint
Royal Canadian Mint
European Central Mint

Global Banks:
World Bank
International Monetary Fund

Central Banks:
Federal Reserve System
European Central Bank
Bank of Canada
Banco de Mexico
The Poeple's Bank of China

International Banks:
Deutsche Bank AG , Frankfurt am Main , Germany
BNP Paribas SA , Paris , France
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited , Beijing , China
Barclays Bank PLC , London , UK
JAPAN POST BANK Co Ltd , Tokyo , Japan
UBS AG , Zürich , Switzerland

US Banks:
JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association , New York , USA
Citibank NA , New York , USA
Bank of America NA , Charlotte , USA
Wells Fargo Bank NA , San Francisco , USA
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. New York, NY, USA
Morgan Stanley, New York, NY, USA.

Global Payment Networks:
VISA, Inc.
American Express.
Discover Card.

Credit Cards Processors:
First Data Card Processing
Bank of America Merchant Services
Chase Merchant Services
Global Payments
Heartland Payments Systems

Financial Organizations, Associations, Societies:
American Bankers Associations
Merchant Advisory Group

Payment Processing (Technology) Firms:
Google Wallet
Merchant Customer Exchange
Groupon Merchant Solutions Payments
Apple Payment Store
MoneyGram (money transfer)
Western Union (money transfer)
PlaySpan (gaming money)
CashU (Middle East)
DineroMail (South America)

Payment Hardware & Security Technology Firms:
Oberthur Technologies S.A.
ZETES Industries S.A.
USA Technologies

Open Digital Money Solutions:
Bitcoin P2P Digital Currency
The Royal Canadian Mint -- The MintChip Challenge
e-Gold (operation suspended)

Subscription-Limited Money Offerings for a Cyber Universe
Currency Connect
Linden Dollars
Facebook Credit
Nintendo Points
War of WarCraft Online Game "Gold"

Financial Media:
Digital Transactions Magazine

Law & Regulations:
Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009


"Battle of the Bits" Digital Transactions Magazine, June 2013 an in-depth profile of BitMint, LLC

Governments Must Co-Opt Bitcoin to Avert Disaster American Banker, Opinion by G. Samid