The BitMint team is recognized in the international technology conference in China (2013)

Yaron Samid, Gideon Samid, speakers at the annual NACHA convention in Orlando, Florida 2014.


Amnon Samid, BitMint, CEO Interviewed on China TV:

"BitMint may grow larger than Facebook -- Dr. Karsten Ottenberg CEO , Giesecke & Devrient, Munich, Germany 

"Gideon is one of the world's leading experts when it comes to digital currency and cryptography. His work is always intelligent and insightful."  --Steven M. Elefant, Soaring Ventures 

"So many things about new forms of money you might have never asked, and now you have a chance to learn."  --Jana HromcováUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona

" Gideon Samid's insights as an authority on the attributes of a transparent tethered currency model are compelling relating to how this type of virtual currency model can potentially offer an added level of control to assure the appropriate utilization of funds as intended when transfered by individuals, governmental, or quasi-governmental organizations, especially significant for countries where currency transfers can be virtually impossible."  --Daniel Schwartz, AMIDEX35 Israel Mutual Fund

"Tethered Money highlights a very promising possibility unique to digital money: insuring it is used as intended -- not abused, not wasted. It deserves our full attention"  --Avivah Litan, Gartner

"Digital currency is a hot topic these days, and I can’t think of a keener mind than that of Gideon Samid to examine it. Gideon has that rare gift-the ability to explain complex subjects so that just about anyone can understand them."  --John Stewart, Digital Transactions Magazine

"Most of the traditional money supply is bank money held on computers. This is also considered digital currency. However, central bank representatives have stated that the adoption of digital currencies pose a significant challenge to central banks' ability to influence the price of credit for the whole economy. Prof Gideon Samid is utterly convincing that the future lies with such currencies and that most criticism is not an impediment on their ultimate use. The above criticism is about resistance to innovation.  While the result of innovation can be excellent new products and services, one reason innovation is difficult to do is the undeniable fact that innovation introduces change. ."  --Boaz Barack, Centralway Ventures AG

"Gideon Samid's Tethered Money describes digital currency technology available that is able to revolutionize how humankind exchanges currency in a safe online environment. As an attorney, I am thrilled that digital currency technology exists that can very literally, by its own operation, enforce the terms of a contract. As an individual, I welcome the day when governments use, and require entities to use, existing, less risky technology to ensure my online transactions are safe. Samid's work contains more than theories - he provides step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to move past the current, cryptographically unsafe third party payment processing systems and the waste and bulk involved in carrying coin and paper currency." --Maryann M. Bullion, Esq.

"An extraordinary set of new ideas making digital money more versatile as we have ever seen before."   --Helmut Scherzer, Giesecke & Devrient

"Gideon provides a set of expansive and thought-provoking criticisms of both our present financial institutions and more our novel cryptography-based apparatus. ."  --Gavin Wood, Ethereum