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Quantum Randomness is Here. It changes Everything!

To our great amazement we come to realize that the microcosmos is built on countless engines of pure unadulterated randomness. No computer, and no intellectual powerhouse can defeat, predict, or outsmart these microscopic sources of unchained bits. But what we can do is use them bits for our benefit. Much as oil in the core of the earth powered up civilization in the 20th century, so randomness at the core of material reality stands to power up the civilization of the 21st century.

BitMint Pioneers Useful Randomness

We are rolling: we offer Randomness-Powered BitWise money, to Pay-As-You-Go, pay-as-convenient, pay-secure. We are building the Rock of Randomness that keeps your data treasure outside the digital territory where hackers roam (safely tucked in smart macromolecules). We use radnomness to fingerprint your data, so a thief who steals your private data cannot make use of it to steal your identity.

BitMint randomness-powered secure non-speculative digital money is the perfect vehicle to transmit millions of dollars, on a global scope, or fractions of a cent for a micro Internet-of-Things service. BitMint cyber-suite includes the pioneering ciphers of the new cryptography: exploiting quantum-mechanical randomness: BitMap and BitFlip. It includes unclonable merchandise, marked with letters of the Randomness Expressed Entropic Alphabet. And when two strangers meet, they can establish a secure private channel (BitMeet).

"We identified BitMint as the only candidate qualifying as a universal digital representation of worldwide currencies." Helmut Scherzer Giesecke & Devrient Prinzregentenstr. 159 D-81677 Munich

"It is Bigger than Facebook!"Dr. Karsten Ottenberg, Chairman of the Board of Management at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH